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December 06 2017

at the moment it's last and stuck ^^
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SethBling does it again. his latest project is training a LSTM network to play Super Mario Kart using Q-Learning without human input. it's called MarIQ. it's gotten pretty skillful in some tracks, often making 1st place in some. it's currently streaming live.
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December 05 2017

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Pappelallee, Boboville, Berlin
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December 04 2017

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Core sample of the track from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, showing 108 years of paving history, starting with bricks.
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Animated Nature

var imagebase='file://D:/Program Files (x86)/FeedReader/'; Animated Nature (30 Pics) 14:13 27.11.2017, World Of Mysteries, amazing, World Of Technology Stunning animated pictures of the nature.

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December 03 2017

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Krieg und Leichen - Die letzte Hoffnung der Reichen, John Heartfield 1932
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